Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Update

Frequently check the CDC website for regular updates about steps that you can take to protect yourself and others:


What is being done to clean the building?

Each day we follow the CDC’s guidelines for cleanliness and sanitation. That means that common areas, doorknobs, handrails, and any area of the resident’s apartment that could spread the virus are cleaned to prevent the spread of infection.

What measures are taken to monitor our staff?

Every staff member is required to come through the front door, have their temperature checked and wash their hands before entrance with COVID screening. Monitoring throughout shift for handwashing, etc. Testing weekly.

What happens if my loved one contracts the COVID-19 Virus?

They will be required to stay in their room and be on isolation until they no longer show symptoms of the virus for at least 14 days. This means our staff will practice standard contact precautions and be required to wear a gown, mask and proper PPE to provide care.

What happens if a staff member contracts the COVID-19 Virus?

They will be immediately sent home and not be able to return to work until they are symptom free for 14 days. These same measures will be followed if someone in their household contracts the virus.

Are you still accepting Admissions?

Yes, we are following the CDC, state and local authority guidelines. As we continue to follow stringent guidelines to prevent the spread of infection, we will allow families to move their loved ones into our community under specific move-in requirements. New residents will be tested for Covid-19 prior to move in and required to stay in their apartment under observation for a period of 14 days and then pass a follow up examination before being able to leave their room.

What does-lock down mean?

This means we have someone to greet incoming visitors every day during specified time per community guidelines. If you are a Medical Provider or family member that meets the hospice or Essential Caregiver requirements you will be asked to wash your hands and have your temperature checked and answer several questions before admittance and when you leave the community.

How will you conduct a Community Tour while on lock down?

This will be done over the phone, through email and by using Facetime or skype. We will not allow families to walk the halls or view rooms physically, until the threat of infections decreases.

Can the resident check out of the building?

Yes, but we strongly encourage you to prioritize the reason. They will be put on a quarantine upon readmission to the building. This means they will not be able to walk freely around the community and be required to stay in their apartment for a period of time after they are checked back in.

How Do I Visit My Loved One?

Communities with active Covid-19 cases are not allowed visitation from non-essential personnel.  Communities without active cases are being considered for limited visitation.  Essential care giver visits. These are being reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

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